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January 19th, 2016

The glitch that prevented the Forum & eFiction software from working has been fixed.

September 16th, 2015

     Nothing writing related or site-design related in this update...  Instead, I've added a ton of Space Empires stuff.  SpaceEmpires.net has been experiencing various problems, with increasing frequency...  And finally, at the end of August, their server died.  The site is already back up, but apparently no one can log in at the moment.  And no word yet on when or if that will change.  I had already taken the precaution of snagging every download I could from SE.net's download section.  I've decided to add all the smaller files (under about 2.2mb) to the "games/space empires" area of Slash-Addict.com.  Larger files will be made available via Torrents at some point in the near future...maybe.  That is to say, maybe the near future.  Or maybe the more distant future...  In my experience, Torrent programs use lots of system resources.  Which means if I don't want my regular desktop pc crashing all the time, I'll need to have a dedicated Torrent computer.  So, yeah, it might take a while.  But please don't download the files from my site, unless SE.net has actually gone offline again.

May 26th, 2015

     A number of mostly minor revisions have been completed to various parts of the site...  Several new themes are available for the eFiction archive, also did a security update.  After having forgotten the password for the forum, I decided to re-install it...  After several failed attempts and then having to downgrade, due to the fact that most themes are not compatable with the latest version, the forum is back up and running and much better organized than before.  From now on, site news will only be posted on the news page and will not be posted to the home page.  I'm no wiz at CMS, so I'll keep most of the site as static pages that I know how to easily edit...  But, going forward, I may make more use of the Forum software and the eFiction software, as these automated systems will hopefully allow for developing an actual community on this site.

    With regard to the long period without updates...  Starting in the second week of 2014, I began dealing with family health issues which have since improved, but will still keep me somewhat busy for the forseeable future.  Numerous other real life issues have also interrupted my ability to work on the site as much as I wish I could.  Starting in January of 2015, I began the first work on updating the site...  I also started a rather ambitious mod project for Space Empires V, which occupied much of my free time for the first part of the year.  It's still a work in progress, but I'm going to do my best to split my time between my SE5 project and the site.  I'm also hopeful, but not overly so, that I can manage to get back to writing.

January 2nd, 2014
    Well, my year so far has been kind of mixed...  Oven died, ran out of hot water, neighbors cut down a cool lookin' tree...  On the brighter side, had a good lunch with the family, and the house is about as clean as it's been in a couple years...  Anyways...  There's a new link in the archive section; we now have a working copy of eFiction - an automated fanfic archive.  So, feel free to sign up and add your stories.

    So, here we go...  More fics!  First up, "A Copywriter's Dream" by Fishboy & Imre...  And "Advatage" by Athena2693, though this doesn't look like a 'cebo story ... but it came from a Placebo site, so I'm not sure what it is...  Next, Janet's "A Girl Like That"...  "Alive at Night", a short little fic by Fishboy...  Another no-author-listed shortfic; "Am Not! Am Not!"...  "Bus" by Deementia...  "Articulated" & "Aphonic" by Imre...  "Hollow" by Ashton...  "Pure PWP Slash" by Deementia...  "Autumn", a short little fic by Trash...  "Bad Trip", another no-author short....  "Birthday"; Deementia's unfinished -actually, barely started- fic for Brian's 30th ... that would've been 10 years ago, and I guess was the last 'cebo fic she worked on.

    Interesting, isn't it?  Lots of Placebo slash sites died out about 10 years ago, just when Suckerlove was starting up...  Anyways, we have another fic by an unknown author; "The Bill Saga" ... not an actual saga, of course.  "Bionic" is Deementia's short robo-fic...  "Bleeding Heart" by Janet...  The last update featured stories from a GeoCities site...  This update is from another folder on my hard drive...  It appears to have stories from two sources; one is Deementia's site - which is good, because while she hosted her site on Angelfire and it still there, her fics were at GeoCities...  The second site, I just don't know...  It could be Wednesday's Child, but I'm not sure...  It was just too long ago.  I apparently saved the stories by right clicking on links and saving as...  Unfortunately, some fool put up a warning page for "Break" - so, whatever story that was didn't get saved and may be lost forever. =(

    "Bri Alone" is a four part story by Deementia, like far too many fan fics, it was never finished...  "Brian & Richey" is another short that Deementia started but didn't finish...  "Business Dinner" is another short with no author...  "Does He Love You?" by Cassandra Williams...  "A Copywriter's Dream II", as the name suggests, is Fishboy's short sequel...  "Club Kid" is another short with no author listed...  Actually, I kinda think most of the 'no author' stories are from a third site, I have no idea which one, though...  And, yes, I found a copy of it! - Deementia's "Brian and the Talking Toater"!

    More fics...  "Deepest Red" by Imre...  "Drama Queen" by Janet...  "Drinking Games", once again, no author...  Hmm.  Sounds familiar.  And now, "Fucked Up Fairy Tales" - I know I know that one!  Both of these are fics by Vanessa, which I couldn't recover from 20th Century Boys!  Now I need to look back over the others and see if any of them match...

    Next up, another Deementia short; "Stefan's A Faerie"...  And "The Fishboy Story" is, obviously, by Fishboy...  "The Flight", another fic Deementia started but never finished...  Janet's "Flaming Nancy Boys" was another fic I couldn't recover from 20th Century Boys, but I got it now! =)  Fishboy's "Fragility: Hug, Suck, Fuck" is now in the archive, don't know if the sequel ever happened, but don't think I have it...  "Brian and the Talking Fridge", Deementia's first sequel to the toaster fic...  "Frosting & Piercings", a short fic by Deementia in response to a challenge on the Bitter Pill forum...  Another unknown author fic; "Fuck Infatuation, Let Me Take You For A Ride" - interesting title!  An untitled fic by GlitterGhost...

    Deementia also went in for the Placebo-ized fairy tales thing; "Ravenlocks & the Three Bears"...  Another fic that may have come from Wednesday's Child; Lynsey's "Harder, Faster"...  NBC's 'Heroes' was pretty interesting, but if Deementia's "We Could Be Heroes..." had been a TV show, it would have been my absolute favorite of all time! =)  Dunno who wrote it, but "Brian Molko's Holiday Diet Plan" is a fun little fic.  If only that kind of diet really worked! =)  Also found a copy of Leela Ganey's "I am not Superman" - one of the 20th Century Boys challenge fics, none of which could be recovered from that site.  "Brian and the Magic Cigarettes" is another of Deementia's 'cebo fairy tales...  That brings to mind another TV show ... I do like ABC's 'Once Upon A Time', but after being reminded of these fics, I can't help but wish the boys had done some music videos or something with fairy tale themes...

    Another fic from an author I didn't already have a story from; Lara Áine's "The Bitter End"...  "The Placeboys go to the Library" is another of Deementia's fics...  And the sequel; "Placebo Return Their Books"...  A lot of these fics have very loose titles - I like to be accurate, but when the original author can't seem to make up their mind exactly what the title is, I just have to pick one.  A second fic by Trash, "Looking out for Number One"...  Yet another short fic with no author listed; "Mary Sue & Marty Stu" - though, technically, the male version of a Mary Sue is a Gary Stu.

    "Master and Servant" is yet another no-author fic, though a bit longer than most of them...  "Everything Will Blow... Tonight" by Melia...  And another short no-author fic; "Miss Europa"...  "Monaco" by Claudio, another author that's new to our archive...  "Never Alone", another Fishboy fic...  "The Night Before XXXMAS", another authorless parody fic...

    Aha!  Cathy and Connie's "One Flew Over..." actually mentions Wednesday's Child, so it would appear that I did save at least a fair number of stories from that site...  Which is good, because Archive.org didn't have a single story from there - I suspect because Wednesday' Child used frames.  I've always hated frames. =P

    An untitled fic by Ophilia, another auhor I didn't have anything from yet...  "Oxygen Thief" is another short by Deementia...  "Passive Aggressive" by Lassiter, another 'new' author to the archive...

    Aha! (again) =)  The "angsty" fic that Johanna sent in, is actually titled "Pay the Price"!  Hmm...  This next one is interesting...  "The Placebo Family" appears to be one of Deementia's fics...  Certainly, it links back to her site.  But, her fic page doesn't appear to link to it.  I'll add it to the archive under name, anyway...  "Pure Morning" is another fic by Lassiter...  "Stupid People beat on Pretty Things" & "Blood"; a two-in-one by Queenie...  "Breathe" by rae...  At this point, it occurs to me that I should mention that I generally include any comments made by the author or the original archiver ... anything I add will usually be inside brackets and signed, like this: ['my text' -DXM]

    Hmm, one of the no-author-listed fics is a copy of Falcon Bertille's "Rain In Spring" ... I wonder what site all these are from.  "He's Leaving" by Raspberry, another 'new' author for the archive...  "The Road to my Regret" by Leela Ganey...  "She Beats Me Harder", another Deementia fic...  And another Fishboy fic; "Samsara"...  Another 'new' author fic; Schizo's "Reminiscence"...  Another no-author-listed fic - "Snapshot: Afterparty", which is another Vanessa story from 20th Century Boys which I couldn't recover from Archive.org.  This makes me think these 'no author' files may have come from 20th Century Boys...

    "Snow White" is the last of Deementia's fairy tale fics...  "Special Needs" by Morvern, makes yet another 'new' author...  "Spent", another Imre fic...  "Ashtray Heart" by straight_to_hell_boy is technically a Velvet Goldmine fic, but since it involves Malcolm -Brian's character- I feel like it might as well be in the Placebo section.  "The Real Thing" is another Melia & Fishboy collaboration...  "Three" is another no-author fic, a pretty long one...  A lot of these no-author fics don't match any of the missing 20th Century Boys stories...  Maybe I need to look at the index on Archive.org again...

    Yeah...  "Trick Or Treat", once again, no author...  I know I've read this one.  Hmm.  "Trust" is another Fishboy fic...  "When We Were Siamese" is another Deementia fic...  And I found a copy of Fishboy's "Uh..." - one of the missing challenge fics from 20th Century Boys.  Another no-author fic; "Vanilla"...  Ah, "Stef and the VCR", the third and final installment of Deementia's 'appliance' series...  "View of You", another Imre fic...

    And we have another no-author fic, this one is Vanessa's "War of the Roses" - I already had 3 out of 5 parts, now it's complete!  Another no author short, "Without You...", dunno who's this is... Well!  No sooner do I say that, then the next file is the same fic, but this one has the author's name - Blam Honey. =)  "When Love and Death Embrace" is a rather long fic by Lynsey & Laura M, but with no other fics by Laura M, I'll just list it under Lynsey...

    "Xav 'Joins' Placebo" is another Deementia fic...  I think that's almost all of her fics...  I think their were a couple I didn't have of hers, and I didn't have either of the stories listed on her site that were by lipstick_traces...  And finally, Zia's "The Forgotten" is an Orgy fic from Wednesday's Child...  I didn't remember that site having non-'cebo stuff, huh...  Now I suppose I'll have to verify that the others are actually 'cebo fics...  Grr.

    Oh, one last, very big thing...  While Deementia mostly wrote very short fics, there was one huge one...  "Join The Masquerade" is a very interesting fantasy story, which is very long...  I'll have to split it up by chapter, I think...  Well, this was indeed a major update!  Damn, I'm tired. =)

December 31st, 2013
    Well, as it's new years eve, I guess this will be the last update of the year...  And it's a big one!  I've been digging through my old files in a forgotten directory on one of my hard drives ... and I've discovered a veritable treasure trove!  First off, when I recently added old links to the new writing resources page, I couldn't add the link to the Map of Hogwarts for HP fic writers - because the site wasn't there anymore.  But, as it turns out, I had a copy of those pages saved!  So, that's now a locally hosted resource...  Also, I found two directories of Placebo Slash fics - some may be copies of fics that are already in the archives, but I'm sure lots of them are not.  And, of course, as 2013 is ending, I probably ought to remove the '2013 Re-Launch' from all the page titles on the site!  It's going to be a busy day for me ... so, I better get started.
    "Sleeping With Ghosts", one of the stories sent in by Johanna, had no author listed - this was one of the stories I found a copy of, and I now know the author is Daniella / Evil Groupie!  I've also found a few more fics by the same author, including the very dark "At The Bitter End", "Feels Like A Loaded Gun" & "Oh my Josh!".  I also found a story titled "Enough Is Enough", but it had no author listed. =(  And another unknown author; "Green Silence"...  Rike's 'first fic', "I am Dirty"...  Another Rike fic; "Little Mo" - very different from lust_n_lunacy's fic of the same name.  "Nicky and Brian"; another Rike fic.  Sadly, many of these fics seem to be labeled 'to be continued', needless to say, I don't have any continuations, even if they were ever written in the first place...
    Also in my files were several fics by Phallic Angel, including "Brian's Birthday Surprise", "Festival F**king"(heh, I'm not shy with the f-bomb, but I guess she was, in her titles at least!), "Horny Hangoverness", "Kerrang Chaos", "Mince Pies Anyone?", "The Balcony Scene", "TLC" and "The Placeboys Go On Holiday".  Another unknown author fic; "Pale Blue Eyes"...  Another Rike fic, "Reunion", with more massive blocks of text... Grr.  And another; "Then The Clouds Will Open For Me"...  A very short block of text by Rike which is untitled...  And Diana & Rike's "You've Got Mail!!!", which I think was one of the 20th Century Boys fics I couldn't recover, so it's good that I apparently already had it! =)
    Okay, I've got New Years Eve cooking to get to...  So, the rest of the fics I found will have to wait.  Another update will follow soon! =)

December 20th, 2013
    Well I didn't say Happy Thanksgiving...  So, Merry Christmas everybody!!!  I've been uploading new recipes in the Living section all along...  And now I've finally got some links added to the Writing Resources page...  Including a very long article by me about 'scale' complete with lots of size comparison charts.  Hope you find it interesting. =)

October 31st, 2013
    Happy Halloween everybody!!!  =)  Why am I excited?  Is it a sugar rush?  Nope.  I've actually updated one of my fics! =)  My first new matarial in five long years.  I must admit, I was a little nervous...  I wanted to do it for Halloween, but I left it to the last minute and I was worried that my muse wouldn't cooperate...  But, it actually went rather smoothly! =)  I was pleasantly surprised.  Now, admittedly, this part is kind of a filler, not much happening in it...  But still, I'm back to writing!  That's the important thing, right?  Anyways, check it out, let me know what you think...  And scare some kids!  Yours, someone else's, whatever!  Laters! =)
A Moment of Eternity by DXM

October 24th, 2013
    Well, at long last I've finished looking through the old links from '08 - in the music slash section, at least!  All the music-related slash sites that are still around from the '08 links list are now listed on the 'Slash Listings' page.  There were more than I expected, but still relatively few compared to how many there were back in '08...  In addition to adding the remaining sites to the new links page, I also tried to recover as much as I could from the sites that are no more.  I'm happy to report that I recovered literally hundreds of fics!  Of course, it will take a while for me to go through and reformat them for upload to the Slash Addict archives, but in time they will appear! =)

    The sad fact of the matter, however, is that almost all the sites in my links list were already no longer being updated by '08, and most hadn't been maintained for years...  Of those few that stayed active after 2008, only The Rasmus 'Slashy Forum' is still active as of October 2013.  It's the only Rasmus site I knew of which is still active...  Of all the Placebo sites, Suckerlove lasted the longest, but even it basically stopped being active after 2012 - only 4 posts in 2013 so far, and 3 were by me!  However, there are a few authors actively writing Placebo Slash over at AnArchiveOfOurOwn!  I wish I knew of a Placebo Slash community that was still active, though...

October 20th, 2013
    Well...  There's no new material, but there is something...  As much as I'm for noting that defunct websites once existed and mentioning that they were where various fics were recovered from, I'm not so thrilled with using that as a model for organizing the Slash Addict archives...  So, I'm working on a very different organization - a rather simple, straight forward approach...  One that's served librarians for a long time - alphabetical-by-author!  =)  Yeah, I should have thought of it to begin with, but...  I didn't.  Anyway, it may result in some broken images for a while, but that won't effect your ability to read the stories.  And, as the archive grows with more recovered fics, this organization scheme will hopefully work well.  That's all for now!

October 8th, 2013
    Okay...  Two issues have now, hopefully, been resolved...  As I mentioned previously, I had a lot of formatting troubles with the Placebo fics that Johanna sent in...  Now, I mostly solved the unknown characters issue before I uploaded the fics...  But, most of the fics still had lots of extra blank lines and I hadn't gotten shortcuts for parts/chapters.  After working on the problem for a while, I now believe I have all the fics more or less fixed.  Also, I discovered sometime ago that none of the fics on this site worked with Safari's 'reader' function...  For anyone who likes reading fanfic on their iOS devices, the 'reader' function would obviously be the prefered method.  So, I'm happy to report that, as of today, I believe all the fics on Slash Addict will now work with the 'reader'.  Or, at least, the complete fics.  I didn't bother altering the incomplete ones.  (Also, hopefully most of the remaining formatting difficulties with the GeoCities recovery fics have been resolved.)  Anyway, that's all for now.  Cheers!

September 23rd, 2013
    Special Thanks go out to Johanna, who sent in 60 Placebo fics from her personal collection!  A few of which match some of those I had been unable to recover from 20th Century Boys.  Getting the fics reformatted for display on the web has been a bite more difficult than I expected...  So, for now, I simply uploaded them as is.  Improvements to their readability will come later...  Anyways, yesterday was the official beginning of Autumn, and today just happens to be Celebrate Bisexuality Day! =)  For those of you so inclined, go out, be visible, party!  And, for those staying in, what better way to celebrate bisexuality than by reading some classic fics starring your favorite bisexual Bri-Pie! =)
Placebo Fics Sent In by Johanna | Bisexual Resource Center | BiNet USA

September 13th, 2013
    Okay, here we go!  The first batch of fics from the recovery effort is here!  Several fics were recovered from the 20th Century Boys E-Group Archive, which was formerly hosted on GeoCities.  Sadly, a great many of them were not recoverable, and many of the ones that I could find were only partial copies.  One of the big issues was that although the site claimed to be an archive, most of the stories listed were not on the site, they were merely links to the original E-Group post.  The E-Group, of course, is long gone as are the fics which were posted there.  Let this be a lesson to us all - never rely on forums or any such similar things as the only place we keep our fics, as they are difficult to back up and can easily disappear.

    The second archived site was a near complete recovery!  Blissful Dreams, another GeoCities site, featured Boyband Slash, Boyband General Fanfic and even a few Femslash stories.  The third site, Crash And Burn, also from GeoCities, featured mostly Savage Garden Slash, with a single Placebo - Silverchair fic and a few X-Files fics.  Unfortunately, not all of these stories could be recovered - some were lost completely, while others were partly recovered.  The fourth and final site recovered this time around, Dreams or Nightmares, was another Placebo Slash site from GeoCities.  Most of what was there was recovered successfully, but a few items were not.

    So, head on over to the Fan Fiction Archives & check out the newly rescued material!  You can help with the rescue effort by going to the Contact page, and e-mailing me any Fanfics you happen to have saved to your hard drive.  In particular, if you have copies of anything that 'couldn't be recovered', please send it in so the Archives will be more complete!

September 8th, 2013
    The Placebo & Rasmus fics that where hosted on Slash-Addict when we originally launched are back up and properly linked.  My own Fics have had the provisional Content Guide pics applied to them.  Unfortunately, it would take an awfully long time to read through all the fics by other authors in order to apply the same to them.  It is most likely that I will have to limit application of the Content Guide to newly submitted fics.

    Also, I've updated my LiveJournal for the first time in five years.  I stopped by to check out Suckerlove, and sadly there was only one post there for all of 2013.  For whatever reason, it seems that the Placebo Slash community on the net is dying off.  With the realization that most such sites are either dead or dying, I've launched a recovery effort...  Soon, the first wave of fics recovered from dearly departed Slash sites will be available to read in the archives!

Watch This Space... (9-4-13)

    Various real life issues have interfered with the timely uploading of the site, but at least I got the '2013 re-launch' up before the year was over! =)  I can't guarantee how often I'll get around to adding site features, but I knew that if I waited until it was 'ready' then I'd never get it done.  So here it is...  A work in progress...  Over the coming weeks and months, I'll attempt to fix any broken links and any other errors...  Updates will come, but I don't know how often.

-=Original Introduction for Re-launch=-

    Greetings, fellow Internet traveler!  So, what is this site all about?  Well, the original purpose of Slash-Addict.com, as the name might suggest, was to be an archive and link index for Slash Fiction.  That aspect of the site remains, and is still an important part...  However, I find myself wishing to expand beyond that to include other Fan Fiction and fandom-related material for all the things I have an interest in...  Although that starts to sound like a catch-all site with no clear purpose, I shall endeavor to keep it primarily focused on FanFic...  So long as I maintain the site by myself, I can't reasonably be expected to include fandoms which I have no interest in...  But for those fandoms which are included, I will try to include anything that might be of interest to my fellow fans...  Part of this site will likely resemble a web index, albeit one of limited scope.  However, as a long time web surfer, I've found that all too many sites -including many of the links I placed on this site just a few years ago- have a nasty habit of disappearing, taking all their unique content with them...  As a result, I may undertake an attempt to archive certain things that seem to me to be of particular value to fans...

The following is mostly a rant -er, history lesson... (everything below was written in 2011)

    Yahoo once maintained the Yahoo Index - a compiled list of verified links found by actual humans who searched the internet for websites...  This was supposed to allow Yahoo to give users of their search engine better search results.  I've been a user of the Internet since 1995, back then Netscape Navigator was the browser.  Netscape was the default homepage, of course, and they had - I think - four search engines that you could access from their site...  To the best of my recollection they included Yahoo, Magellan, Lycos and Excite...  At least I think so.  That was over a decade and a half ago, after all. lol

    Anyway, I learned very early that Yahoo didn't give me very good results.  Searching Yahoo for Borland's Delphi rapid application development software got me virtually nothing but link after link to pages about Philadelphia.  So, before long, I found Infoseek and it became my favored search engine.  Until, that is, Disney bought them out and made Infoseek part of their stupid 'Go.com' network.  Infoseek became a means to search only Disney's network, which of course meant it was totally useless. :-(  After Infoseek died, I switched to Altavista and continued using it until sometime after I started using Firefox as my browser - which has used Google as its default search engine since basically the first version.  These days, Google seems less and less useful, Altavista was taken over by Yahoo & now exists only as a front end for Yahoo search...  And indeed, Yahoo will soon turn over the technical side of its search business to Microsoft.  In other words, there will soon be essentially only two search engines: Google & Bing.  Some choice...

    At some point, I remember looking through the Yahoo Index for... something.  I can't recall what, but I do recall that their index only had a few dozen links for what I was looking for.  Of those links, about half of them were to sites which no longer existed.  And most of the rest did not contain whatever it was I was after.  Of course, by that time, it's possible that Yahoo was no longer maintaining their index...  Supposedly, things like the Yahoo Index became redundant after Google arrived on the scene and 'proved' that relavent links could be found without human assistance.  My own view on that goes something like this; 1) I'm pretty sure Infoseek didn't need humans to get me the useful search results I used to get from them & 2) Google - at least these days - gives me more irrelavent crap with my searches than I could count in a lifetime...

    As a long time user of the Internet, I'm aware that sometimes what you're looking for is just not available...  However, in recent years, I've begun to think that the increasing difficulty of finding anything online is due to three important factors...

    Factor Number One: People - when I was first online, there were like 20 million users on the Internet...  Now, there are over two billion!  That's an increase of two orders of magnitude!  Even if you don't count China, or anything else outside the 'western world' it's still way more folks than there used to be.

    Factor Number Two: Websites - there's no question that there are more webpages/websites than ever before...  However, the kind of websites that are on the web today are dramatically different from those of yesteryear.  Back in the day, most sites were private webpages by ordinary people... well, okay, ordinary geeks.  Anyway, said webpages were full of useful information on an incredible range of subjects.  Basically any possible hobby, fandom or any subject of interest you could think of had pages dedicated to them.  Whatever you might be interested in, be it Star Wars, Mythology & Folktales or C++, you could find tons of information.  Now, there may be some less geeky subjects - like say, cooking & recipes - that have seen a measureable uptick in popularity with the growth of the Internet.  But the real problem is that the 'plain, ordinary, private webpage' is dying out - or at any rate becoming harder to find.  And an ever increasing number of commercial websites are now populating the 'net.  It's understandable that people are using the Internet for commerce...  But when you're looking for the sorts of things that used to be freely available and all you get is people wanting to sell you things it gets very frustrating very fast....  I'm unsure what free web hosting sites exist these days - but perhaps the biggest of all, GeoCities, was taken over by Yahoo and subsequently shut down.  I think I read somewhere that something like 30 million webpages vanished when Yahoo got rid of GeoCities...

    Factor Number Three: Ads - the third factor is linked to the second...(and the first, as far as that goes)  With the rise of commercial websites, has come the rise of Internet advertising...  Unfortunately, online marketing is just as annoying and distasteful as real world marketing.  So, online advertising has led to the 'pollution' of previously useful search engines like Google.  The result of this is tainted search results which contain irrelavent data.  If you're like me, you've likely experienced this for yourself - you search for something and amongst the results that acctually match what you were looking for there's lots of links that read like they are good matches, but in reality they're just ad sites that are trying to trick you into buying something or worse trick you into giving them your personal info which leads to identity theift...  Or they trick you - or your browser - into letting viruses infest your computer...  Also, there's nothing more fruitless than trying to search for free stuff...  Oh, there's plenty of free stuff online still, but searching for it with Google is often an exercise in futility...  Why?  Because, if you search for things like 'free software', 'free clipart', or 'free wallpaper' you'll get eleventy-billion links to sites that say 'free' but really just want you to buy stuff or the 'free' downloads contain malware!  It doesn't matter how hard you try to get Google to understand that you don't want sites which try to sell you something...  Searching for free clipart, for example, results in very few accurate results and mostly just sites that are advertising 'royalty-free' clipart.  That's 'free' after you give them money for it!  The other problem with advertising is that Google's results may include some good sites... but you'll never know it!  Why?  Because, the sites that truely match what you want are on like page 25,465 out of 551,354!  That's why!  What's on page 1, or 10 or 50?  Websites that either paid Google money to put them there or else paid a third party company to make sure that Google puts them as high on the search results as possible.  Joe Blow, whose private webpage about West End Games' classic Star Wars Role Playing Game (just an example) that you would be thrilled to find, is buried somewhere in the thousands of pages of useless links that Google has provided you with.  Because Joe can't afford to advertise his site.  Because his site is just something he put online in his spare time (possibly ten years ago), and he has a life to live, so he can't be bothered with ridiculous wastes of time like 'search engine optimization'...
    See the problem with today's Internet?  Sadly, the human element is not just missing anymore...  It is now missed.  For a while, Google could deliver really relevant search results without human assistance.  But times they are a changin' - and generally not for the better.  Every now and then, I stumble across a genuienly useful website...  Though this is more often from following links from a topic-specific site I already knew about, than it is from search engine results...  I've become convinced that a human-run index is very much needed... a simple yet powerful navigation tool for all those who feel lost in the unimaginable maze that the Internet has become. [End]

    Update: it should be mentioned, that you can still find certain things with Google -so long as few if any companies are trying to sell whatever you are looking for! ;-)

As noted on the homepage, the site's pupose has since been broadened, however, below is the original aim of this site.

Slash-Addict.com's Original Declaration of Purpose:

3/15/2008: A very brief note on the purpose of this site...  Simply put, this site is an attempt to create a convenient place for all of us 'Slash Addicts' to find our fix of choice...
    The problem I've found with slash on the net -or rather the problems, plural- is that slash sites come in four flavors: 1) LiveJournals & Blogs, which make for rather poor archives as they have no real organization save by date...  2) Private Single-Author Sites, which often contain only a handful of stories from a few fandoms...  3) Single-Fandom Community Sites, which while often containing many stories by many authors, only cover the one fandom...  4) Multiple-Fandom Directories, which -in my experience, at least- can contain so many stories and fandoms that it would be virtually impossible to find what you were looking for.  Especially since they are rarely organized in such a way that allows you to 'browse', often they contain only a search utility for finding stories -which rarely works worth a damn...
    Also, one problem shared by most slash sites I have visited: a sorely lacking explaination of what each story contains...  Which isn't so much about story summaries, as it is about a lack of simple facts about the content...  Sometimes, the story factoids don't even contain the slash pairing involved, much less other less important facts...  So, a secondary goal of this site is to come up with a comprehesive content guide...  I personally believe that it is worth knowing a great many things about a story before reading it...  Things like the slash pairing(s), genre (romance, horror, etc.), warnings about things that some might find offensive (drugs, rape, infidelity, etc.)...  And anything else that might be relavent...
    So, to start with, I'll be putting my own stories on this site in the archive section.  And I'll be adding links to any and all other slash sites that I've found on my wanderings...  But, I'd also like to offer any interested authors a place to host their stories free of charge...  If you're interested in contributing anything from stories to links, please contact me.

The Rachel Maddow Show
Possibly the best show for keeping up to date with political happenings & LGBT rights.  Rachel could certainly be said to be 'liberal' - but keep in mind that a lot of times 'liberal' really just means people who tell the truth about the lies that the conservatives want us to believe. =)

Democracy Now!
    While often covering a number of political stories, Democracy Now! is a valuable independent news source which can help you stay up to date on what's really happening in the world.  Though sometimes accused of being left-wing, Democracy Now! doesn't support any partisan agenda, left or right.  They often cover important stories that commercial media won't touch until and unless there is a public outcry about it...  Everybody covers the fact that High Fructose Corn Syrup is unhealthy, but only Democracy Now! bothers to point out that conditions in the plants that make HFCS could lead to Mercury contamination. The Left will tell you that Obama's new cabinet pick is good for reasons A, B & C...  The Right will tell you he's bad for reasons B & S... ;-)  But, only Democracy Now! will point out that he was the U.S.'s head military guy that secretly helped a foreign dictator stay in power - a dictator who made a habit of massacring innocent civilians hiding in churches!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Colbert Nation
Stephen Colbert lets you see the news from a (faux) Republican perspective.  But, the sad thing is that Republicans really do think that way! =)

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