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Agent Orange

1 shot vodka
1/2 shot grand marnier
1/4 shot triple sec
dash orange juice

Blend with ice, serve in a highball glass.
Alabama Slamma

1 shot southern comfort

Mix, cover it with your hand, Slamma on the bar, then Slamma down your throat.
Apple Pie

3 shots apple schnapps
splash cinamon schnapps

Pour schnapps into Old fashioned glass over ice. Garnish with a slice of apple. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.
Apricot Fizz

3 shots lemon juice
3 shots orange juice
2 shots apricot brandy

Blend all ingredients except soda together with ice. Strain and serve topping up with soda.
Banana Daiquiri

2 shots white rum
1 banana
2 tsp caster sugar
1 shot orange juice

Place 4 teaspoons crushed ice, rum, sugar, orange juice and peeled banana in a blender. Blend for only 10s then serve in a cocktail glass.
Cherry Fix

1 shot brandy
2 shots lemon juice
1 shot kirsch

Fill a glass 1/3 full of crushed ice add lemon juice, kirsh and cherry brandy. Mix with spoon and garnish with lemon slice.
Chocolate Heaven

2 shots kahlua
2 shots Baileys Irish Cream

Pour all shots into a glass of ice cream and enjoy.

So nice its untrue.
Coconut Ice

1/2 shot Strawberry Liqueuer
1/2 shot malibu

Layer both ingredients and place sugar around rim.

1 part grenadine
2 parts lemon juice
4 parts white rum

Mix one part grenadine with 2 parts lemon juice and 4 parts white rum then pour over ice in a cocktail glass.

Add whatever fruit you like and blend with crushed ice to make a classic daiquiri.
Frozen Daiquiri

4-6 cubes (cracked) Ice
2 measures white rum
1 measure lime juice
1 tsp sugar syrup

Put ice, rum, lime juice and sugar syrup into blender. Blend until slushy. Pour into chilled champage flute and decorate with lime slice.

Variations: Frozen Pinapple Daiquiri, Frozen Mint Daiquiri, Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, Frozen Peach Daiquiri.
Frozen Margarita

2 shots tequila
1 shot lime juice
1/2 shot triple sec

Mix all ingredients in blender with half a cup of ice. Blend at low speed until slushy and then serve with lime slice.
Frozen Mint Julep

mint leaves, to taste
1 part lemon juice
1 part sugar syrup
2 parts bourbon

Mix together and pour into blender with lots of ice. Blend until smooth and serve in cocktail glass with garnish of sprig.
Fuzzy Apple

1/2oz apple pucker
1/2oz peach schnapps
1/2oz vodka
cranberry juice

Fill rocks glass with ice, add apple, peach, vodka, cranberry and 7up, shake and serve.
Gorilla Snot

1/4 measure lime cordial
1 measure southern comfort
6 measures lemonade
1 measure Baileys Irish Cream

Mix the Southern Comfort, the lime and the lemonade together, then drool the baileys over the top - do not stir as the baileys curdles and gives it that "grotesque" look.

This one is indeed a strange cocktail - However, its very comical and it tastes pucka'!

1 shot creme de menthe (colourless)
1 shot creme de menthe (green)
1 shot half and half

Shake together with ice and strain into a cocktail glass (chilled). This is an amazing cocktail.
Hot Chocolate

creme de cacao dark
After Shock (Red)

Dark caco then layer aftershock on top.
Italian Iced Tea

1 1/4 shots sweet vermouth
ginger ale

Pour into a glass and use lemon garnish twist plus add some lemon juice freshly squeezed to taste.
Jedi Mind Trick

1 oz cinamon schnapps
1 oz baileys
1 oz midori
Splash Bacardi 151

Mix ingredients with ice in a shaker and strain into a highball glass.

I think that the cocktails ingredients speak for themselves, on exactly how much damage this can do!!
Keywest Cooler

3 count orange juice
3 count cranberry juice
1/2 shot peach schnapps
1/2 shot vodka
1/2 shot malibu
1/2 shot midori

Fill collins glass 3/4 full with ice. Add all ingredients into a cocktail tin. Shake. Pour into glass. Garnish with a slice of orange.
Long Beach Ice Tea

2 parts cranberry juice
1 part gin
1 part white rum
1 part vodka
1 part triple sec
splash sweet & sour mix

Shake the alchohol together with a splash of sweet & sour mix and pour together into a tall glass. Top up with Cranberry Juice (I suggest between 1/2 shot to a shot of each liquor).
Long Island Ice Tea

1/2 shot vodka
1/2 shot white rum
1/2 shot triple sec
1/2 shot gin
3 count sweet & sour mix
3 count cola

Fill collins glass with 3/4 full with ice. Add vodka, rum, triple sec, gin and sweet and sour into a cocktail tin. Shake and pour into glass. Add cola.
Mai Tai

2 parts dark rum
2 parts white rum
1 part curacao
1 part grenadine
2 parts pineapple juice
dash orgeat syrup
1 part lime juice

Shake all together very well (except paper umbrella, pineapple spear and ice cubes). Strain into highball glass over ice cubes. Garnish with pineapple spear on rim and paper umbrella.

The paper umbrella is the most important part.

4-6 cubes (cracked) Ice
3 measures white tequila
1 measure triple sec
2 measures lime juice

Rub rim of chilled cocktail glass with lime wedge and dip in margarita salt(salt & sugar) to frost. Put cracked ice cubes in shaker with the tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Shake well. Strain into prepared glass and decorate with lime slice.

Variations: Frozen Margarita, Blue Margarita, Margarita Imperiale, Peach Margarita.

4-6 cubes (cracked) Ice
3 measures gin
1 tsp dry vermouth
1 olive

Put ice cubes into mixing glass. Pour gin and vermouth over ice and stir well to mix. Strain into cocktail glass and decorate with olive.

Variations: Gibson, Vodka Martini, Tequini, Dry Martini, Saketini.

1 part vodka
1 part kahlua
1 part baileys

Mix with crushed ice in a shaker. strain and serve in a chilled highball glass.

4 shots warm milk
1 tsp sugar syrup
2 shots dark rum

Pour rum and syrup into a heated coffee mug top off with milk and then grate nutmeg on top.

1 shot spiced rum
1/4 shot peach schnapps
1/4 shot malibu

Shake with ice and strain into tumbler.
Orange Blossom

1/2 shot gin
splash grenadine
1/2 shot orange juice

Shake well with ice then pour into glass.
Orange Fizz

juice of 2 oranges
2 shots gin
1 teaspoon caster sugar

Mix all except soda together thoroughly. Top up glass with soda.
Orgasm Cocktail

1/3 shot amaretto
1/3 shot kahlua
1/3 shot baileys

Shake with ice and strain into shot glass.
Paradise Punch

1 measure amaretto
1 measure southern comfort
cranberry juice
orange juice

Put all in ingredients in a cocktail mixer shake hard and pour.
Pina Colada

1 1/4 shot white rum
coconut cream
pineapple juice

Mix together with ice and serve in a large decorative glass with a chunk of pineapple on the rim, a cherry, a cocktail umbrella and two straws. (you choose how much rum to cream of coconut and pineapple juice)
Pina Colada (Virgin)

3 parts coconut cream
2 parts pineapple juice

Mix together with ice and serve in a large decorative glass with a chunk of pineapple on the rim, a cherry, a cocktail umbrella and two straws.
Purple People Eater

25ml bacardi
25ml peach schnapps
25ml blue curacao
10ml grenadine
As much as you like !! lemonade

Mix all ingredients and pour over ice.

Really nice taste and a mad color.
Raspberry Ripple

50 ml vanilla vodka
37.5 ml cranberry juice
12.5 ml chambord
12.5 ml egg (white)

Shake all ingredients with cubed ice, strain into chilled Martini Glass. Alternatively, try adding the Chambord last and create a ripple on the top of the egg white foam!

Greast nose Fantastic taste, a real winner, give it a try.
Salty Dog

6-8 cubes (cracked) ice
2 measures vodka
grapefruit juice,
to top up
1 tsp salt
1 tbs sugar

Mix sugar and salt in saucer. Rub rim of chilled Collins glass with lime wedge and dip in mixture to frost. Fill glass with cracked ice and pour vodka over them. Top with grapefruit juice and stir to mix.

Variations: Bride's Mother, A.J., Midnight Sun, Blinker, Woodward.
Screaming Orgasm

1 part kahlua
1 part vodka
1 part baileys
1 part amaretto
6 parts half and half

Shake together with ice.

6-8 cubes (cracked) ice
2 measures vodka
orange juice,
to top up

Fill a chilled glass with cracked ice. Pour vodka over ice and top up with orange juice. Stir well to mix and decorate with a slice of orange.

Variations: Cordless Screwdriver, Creamy Screwdriver, Harvey Wallbanger, Slow Screw.

1 part vodka
1 3/4 parts grapefruit juice
1 3/4 parts cranberry juice

Mix together vodka and cranberry juice in a glass with ice then float grapefruit juice on top.
Sex On The Beach (1)

3/4 shot peach schnapps
1 shot vodka
3/4 shot chambord
splash cranberry juice
splash orange juice
splash pineapple juice

Shake together with ice. To vary strength vary amount of vodka.

Tastes great even without Chambord but the Chambord makes it something special.
Sex On The Beach (2)

1 shot vodka
1 shot peach schnapps
200ml orange juice
200ml cranberry juice
2 shots raspberry syrup

Add ice to glass, pour in shot of vodka, add peach schnapps, mix with orange, cranberry and raspberry.

Serve with an ubrella and a mixer stick and a fancy straw and an orange slice on side of glass.
Shirley Temple

8-10 cubes (cracked) ice
2 measures lemon juice
1/2 measure grenadine
1/2 measure sugar syrup
ginger ale, to top up

Put 4-6 ice cubes into shaker. Pour the lemon juice, grenadine and sugar syrup over the ice and shake well. Half fill a small, chilled glass with remaining ice cubes and strain the cocktail over them. Top with ginger ale and decorate with orange slice and cherry.
Sixty-Nine Special

25ml vodka
25ml tia maria
200ml chocolate milkshake

Put ice into a half pint glass then add vodka, tia maria and a bottle of chocolate milkshake.

Yummy until it hurts in the morning.
Special K
Horse Tranquilizer)

After Shock (Blue)
After Shock (Red)
After Shock (Green)
after shock

Pour all four aftershock's into a spirit glass and finish off with the bailey's.

God its just so good!!!
Tom Collins

1 shot gin
2 teaspoons caster sugar
4 shots lemon juice

Mix all except soda together with ice, shake and pour into a tall glass. Top up with soda.
Vanilla Fields

1oz Absolut Vanilla
pineapple juice
peach juice

Put ice cubes in a glass, then vodka. Fill with equal parts of juices.
Virgin Sperm

40ml half & half
20ml coconut syrup
20ml coconut liqueur
4 cubes ice
40ml Absolut Kurrant
3-4 pineapple chunks

Get a large sond, ice it and put 4 ice cubes in. In the shaker put another 4 ice cubes to shake with which u will remove after the shaking process. Pour the coconut syrup together with the coconut liquer and the half & half. Shake well and pour the contents in the sond. put the pineapple chunks in and the vodka too. Ornate it with two yellow straws and serve it right away.
Wet Dream

ice cream, vanilla
creme de cacao

Mix everthing in blender pour into large glass.
White Russian

3 parts milk
2 parts vodka
1 part kahlua

Shake with ice.

1/4 shot peach schnapps
1/4 shot white rum
3 count orange juice
3 count pineapple juice
drizzle around the edge of glass
blue curacao, drizzle around the edge of glass
1/4 shot dark rum

Layer into a collins glass 3/4 full of ice.

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