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Welcome to Slash-Addict.com!

    So, what's this all about, then?  Slash Addict started as a more fully featured version of my old GeoCities site, which was primarily dedicated to Placebo Slash Fiction, with a bit of The Rasmus Slash Fiction thrown in.  From the beginning, I wanted to offer more...which initially included Slash from many fandoms.  With the site's re-launch a couple of years ago, I expanded this to include both General Fan Fiction and Crossover Fan Fiction.  Many parts of the site are still a bit light on content, but I continue to add to it whenever I get the chance.  Currently, we have many Slash Fics -mostly Placebo- which have been rescued from defunct fan sites in the archive, as well as a few General Fics.  Despite my interest in Crossover Fic -especially Sci Fi- I've never written any, and most of the ones I read years ago have long since disappeared.  Without specific addresses, I can't even look for any on Archive.org.  If you have any fics that need a home, feel free to send them to me!  We now have both Forum and eFiction software, which allows you to sign up and post your own fics without having to wait for me to check my email.  Please feel free to contribute, and I hope you enjoy the site!

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