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These are Slash-Addict's Fan Fiction Archives - for Slash Fiction, Crossover Fiction & General Fiction.
The eFiction archive is a new automated system I'm testing out.

Fan Fiction Content Guide
A long time -and as yet unrealized- goal of this site has been to develop a comprehensive content guide for Fan Fiction.
While still a work in progress, the ideas I have so far are listed here.

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These are Slash-Addict's Fan Fiction Links - for Slash Fiction, Crossover Fiction & General Fiction.

Writing Resources
This section contains Links, Articles and any other Resources that seem useful for Writers of Fan Fiction.

Submitting Fan Fiction:
When sending in your Fan Fiction, please consider the following:
1. Please send the story in an Acceptable Submission Format, these formats are: Text Files (.TXT), Rich Text Files (.RTF), AbiWord Documents (.ABW), Open Document Text (.ODT), or Hyper Text Markup Language (.HTML).  If necessary, you may also cut and paste your story into your e-mail message.
2. Please insure that your story is properly formatted, with appropriate paragraph separation and indentation.  (If your story is just one massive block of text, no one will want to read it.)
3. Please be sure to do your own spellchecking, grammar correction, and proof reading. (Or find a beta reader to assist you.)
4. Please include the following information with your story: Story Title, Author's Name(Your Alias of Choice), A Brief Summary(100 words or less) & the Rating ("All Readers" = ages 6+, "Young Readers" = ages 11+, "Older Readers" = ages 15+ or "Explicit Content" = ages 18+).
5. (Optional) Mention whether or not you wish your E-Mail Address to be linked to your story so that readers can contact you. (By default, your address will be kept private.)
6. (Optional) You may also include your own disclaimer, or else rely on Slash-Addict's default disclaimer.  Additionally, you may include a list of warnings and/or list of elements/themes that appear in your story(i.e.; BDSM, drug-use, character death, etc.).

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