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Fan Fiction
Welcome to Writing Resources, this area of the site contains links, articles and other resources for writers of fan fic...
Please help expand our resources list by sending in your links and/or articles!

On the Subject of Scale...
A discussion -with pictures!- about the true scale of things, both real and fictional.  This is mostly geared towards science fiction type stuff, but it can't hurt your writing to know a bit more about the relative size of various things.

Map of Hogwarts
All credit goes to the original author, Harper Robertson.  The original website is gone, but I found a copy on one of my hard drives!  So, here's a useful little thing to have if you're writing a Harry Potter fanfic. =)  Please note; the Kitchen & Ground floor images were mixed up on the original pages, so I fixed them ... if there are any problems with the images themselves, I can't really do anything about it.

The number one, most obvious research tool.  As it is editted by its users, you should always remember that some of the info may be incorrect...  And, even more likely, valuable info that's there one day may be gone the next.  Nevertheless, it is the single largest and most accessible source of information on the Internet.

Urban Dictionary
A very useful resource for writers needing to know what silly sayings people are using out there.  For the longest time, I had no idea what the hell a 'hot mess' was...  When I hear the words 'hot mess', I think of something I spilled on the stove!

The Free Dictionary
While there is much to be said for offline dictionaries, if you're like me and prefer to use open-source software, you should be aware that many of the spell-check dictionaries included in freeware are often of less than stellar quality.

An invaluable resource for writers.  You never know when you'll want/need a good synonym or antonym!  Though, always remember: less is more.  Some fan fic writers go a bit over board with their use of the most esoteric synonyms they can find.

Slash and Other Odd Creatures
An interesting article written by FantiSci back in 2003.

In Defense of Fanfiction
An interesting blog post from 2005.

J.K. Rowling Outs Hogwarts Character
Huffington Post article from 2007, discussing J.K.'s revelation that Dumbledore was, in fact, gay.

Placebo Encyclopedia/Dictionary
A wonderful resource for anyone still wanting to write Placebo fanfic.

The Slash Edge: Why Queer as Folk isn't Slashy
An article from 2001, which elaborates on why you can't 'Slash' characters that are already homosexual in canon.

The Ultimate Trek Slash Pairing Generator
A tool for helping writers of Star Trek Slash find new and interesting character combinations.

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