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Fan Fiction
Welcome to the Slash Fiction Listings, this area of the site contains links to sites containing slash stories...
Please help expand our listings index by sending in your links!

I am currently going through Slash-Addict's links from 2008.  There are a great many of them, but most of the sites seem to be dead.
The few that are still online will be listed below:

Bitter Pill Forum
A Placebo community site.  As of September 2013, it was still online.  However, there have been no posts in like 3 years.  Sadly, most Placebo fan sites seem to be dead or dying these days.

Book Fairy's (aka CaratGold's) Fic Index
A page that contains links to CaratGold's 3 Placebo Slash stories.  I had hoped that I could find copies of CaratGold's "Luxemburger Queen" & "Princess of the Universe" fics here.  They had been on 20th Century Boys, but I was unable to recover more than a few scraps from there.  Unfortunately, the links on this page point to Fandomination.net, which apparently ceased to function in 2005 due to lack of funds.  While still saying they needed $600 by April of '05, the site was online (though non-functional) in 2008.  Sometime since then it was apparently taken down.

BrIaN mOlKo
A Placebo blog, which is still online as of September 2013.  However it is difficult to tell how active it is or what content is available owing to the fact that it is mostly not in English.  I don't know for sure, but it looks to be in Arabic or something.  Some of the categories don't seem to want to load, and most of the links to other blogs are dead.  However, there are a few interviews & at least 2 fan fics which are in English.

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel
The 'Popslash Secret Santa' site.  Active from 2001-2006, this site was still online as of September 2013.  It features *N Sync & Backstreet Boys fics.

DynasticPrincess' deviantART Gallery
Still online as of September 2013, though doesn't look like it's been updated much.  Features a few The Rasmus Slash stories.  However, you'll need to be a member of DA to access the mature-rated stories.

Although certainly not specializing in Slash, FF.net has tons and tons of Slash for you to read.  Some fandoms have lots, while others have little or even none...  And, it isn't neccessarily easy to find what you're loooking for.  You can search by characters, so if you have Harry P. as character A & Draco M. as character B, you will likely find lots of Drarry Slash...  But, I've never really liked the totally round about and unreliable way such sites offer for you to find what you're looking for.  Using automated software to run your site is very practical on the one hand, and yet, on the other, it can totally suck compared to the ease and usefulness of looking through static webpages.

Fan Literature Page @ BrianMolkoFan
A Placebo fan site, still online as of September 2013.  The Fan Literature Page is the only page marked as 'new' on the site's homepage which doesn't return a 404 error.  One would assume, therefore, that it is the most recently updated part of the site.  However, it was officially declared 'complete' as of 'Tuesday, 26 June, 2001.  It's a safe bet no more updates will ever be made, but at least the site is still there and has a fic to read.

The Rasmus fansite, still online as of September 2013.  Though does not appear to have been updated since 2006.  Has a few stories in the fan fic section, however all the links go to the same fic.  So, effectively, there is only one story to be had.

Fuel Injection
A Placebo fan site on Angelfire, still online as of September 2013.  This is SweetMaddness' website, so it is likely that any of her fics that were on the now defunct 20th Century Boys E-Group can be found here.  That's a bit of luck, at least!  In addition to Placebo Slash, she also has 2 Poppy Z. Brite fics & several Velvet Goldmine fics, as well as a few original works.  This link is to her slash fic page.  She also has several galleries of old school Placebo pics, though most of the Steve pics are not there.

Molkorific @ Yahoo Groups | Molkorific Blog
Oddly enough, this Yahoo Group still exists...  Though, Yahoo has changed the format of their Groups pages so that it no longer shows how active a group is, thus I do not know if it really is active or not.  When I linked to this site back in '08, I noted that there had been 'very little activity in recent years'.  As I also noted at the time, the Blog was last active in December of 2006.  So, probably little or nothing to be had from these accept old posts.  Both still online as of October 2013.

The Official Lady Cyrrh Website
The original site, which was on AOL, is long gone, but if I'd bothered to check when I linked to it back in '08, I would have seen that as early as January of '04 she had moved her main site to ASSTR.org!  The site contains stories, links and reviews of Slash and other erotica.  Unfortunately, while this site was still online as of October 2013, it hasn't been updated since December 2005.

A Place For Us To Dream
A Placebo site by deementia, as it's hosted on Angelfire, it was still online as of October 2013.  There's lots of info on the band and what not, though it was last updated in January of 2007.  There is a fan fiction page, but unfortunately the fics themselves were hosted at GeoCities.  I was able to recover a few of them.  Once reformatted, they will be placed in the Slash Addict archives. (Update!: As of Jan 02 2014, most of these fics are in the archive.)

Placebo Freakshow
A Placebo forum...  The original addess I linked to in '08 redirects to Here.  However, that forum was last active in July of 2009.  The forum moved again to the link above.  Both versions of the forum were still online as of October 2013.  However, even the newest one hasn't been active since September 2012.  There was a fan fic section of the original forum which is now gone, but not on the second.  The third version of the forum has a fan fic section, however, all the fan fic sub-forums simply return an error message.  So, really, there's no fics to be had... =(

P-S-O @ Yahoo Groups
Another Yahoo Group which, oddly enough, is still online as of October 2013.  I don't know if there's any activity now, but back in '08 I noted that it was 'highly active in 2001 & 2002, low but consistent activity in 2007, seems more active for 2008'...  I also noted that the group's site, psof.com, was no longer online.  This group is for fans of Placebo, Savage Garden & Orgy.

Ride my 10 Inch
One of very few The Rasmus sites still online as of October 2013.  The is a German site, however, there is an English version.  There's lots of slash fan fics, but they are all in German...  Would anybody like to translate them? =)

Unlike most of the slash sites I linked to back in '08, this one is still online as of October 2013.  However, it has not been updated since July of 2008.  There are hundreds of stories on this site, but I worry when sites aren't updated that they are not likely to remain up and running.  I may make this site a priority for backing up in case it goes down...

Slashy Forum
The Rasmus slashy goodness!  Much to my surprise, unlike virtually all my old links, this site is not only still online as of October 2013, but is in fact still active as of October 2013! =)  To find even a single community site that is still alive and kicking is totally awesome!

Smile on Your Brother: Lesa Soja's Pop Fiction
Another site that's oddly enough still online as of October 2013.  Mostly Backstreet Boys & *NSYNC slash, with some other stuff mixed in.  I think I spotted at least one Britney/Madonna femslash story!  Several of these fics were apparently featured on 'Don We Now Our Gay Apparel'.

Suckerlove: Soulmates Never Die
Sucker-Love.com was still online as of October 2013.  However, it appears RougeVelvet has not been able to keep her site updated for a while.  The copyright at the bottom of the homepage reads '2004-2012', but the last news item was posted in June of 2011.  Also, the fan fic section of the site has been closed.  There is an image claiming it will return, but somehow I doubt it. =(  Sadly, the Suckerlove LiveJournal community has also dried up.  As of October 2013, there are only 4 posts to Suckerlove for all of 2013 - 3 of them by me!  As the homepage says, Suckerlove is an institution, which makes it all the more sad that this community -the most famous Placebo Slash community- is pretty much gone...  Although, there are at least a few authors still writing new Placebo Slash over at AnArchiveOfOurOwn! =)

Another old site which, being hosted on Angelfire, is still online as of October 2013.  Although not updated since August of 2004, there are a few fics on this site, so stop by and give them a quick read!  Angelfire is pretty much the only old school free hosting service which hasn't purged all its old content...  It's nice to know that at least a few of the fan sites from the old days are still around.

Ufotlaulu Slash
On the one hand, this Rasmus Slash site which I linked to back in '08 is still online as of October 2013.  On the other hand, while it claims to be 'the biggest rasmus slash gallery on the net', it also says 'now open. still under construction!' - just below a link button labeled fan fiction.  Following the link leads to exactly ONE fanfic...  A rather short Aki/Lauri story.  Worth a read, but it's a little weird to find nothing at all but a single fic on this site.

Wednesday's Child Discussions @ Yahoo Groups
Still online as of October 2013, this was the companion to the Placebo Slash site Wednesday's Child.  WC, as I recall, hosted quite a few Placebo Slash stories, but sadly it was gone by '08.  I've already checked Archive.org and there are apparently no copies of any of the fics to be had... =(
Update: I discovered a directory full of stories on one of my old hard drives, which I believe to be from Wednesday's Child!  These fics are now hosted in the Slash-Addict archives! =)

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