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When people ask questions, the answers will appear here...

Q: How long will it take Slash-Addict.com to respond to my e-mail?

A: I honestly couldn't tell you.  I have a habit of not checking my mail very often, and it doesn't help that half the time when I try to setup my e-mail on a new computer the mail program won't accept my mail server...  All I can say, is that when I do get your messege, I will attempt to reply promptly.

Q: Does Slash-Addict.com archive stories without being requested to?

A: Yes.  From time to time, a story will be added to the Slash Addict archive if the website which hosted the story has disappeared.  Assuming I either already had a copy or else could find one via archive.org.

Q: If Slash-Addict.com is hosting one of my fics and I object, will it be taken down?

A: Yes.  If you request that one of your fics be removed from the archive, the request will almost certainly be honored.  You may be asked to provide evidence that you are in fact the original author.  (Although the rights of authors will be respected, I would urge authors to seriously consider the enjoyment readers get from their story before asking it be removed.)

Q: If an author has had their story removed from Slash-Addict.com, is there any way I can still read it?

A: Possibly.  Obviously, if you know the author's original site address, you can try digging through archive.org.  However, any story that has been in the Slash-Addict.com archive will almost certainly be backed up on my personal hard drives.  If you send me a request for a specific story via e-mail, I will mail you a copy on the strict understanding that you may not re-post it to the web.

Q: How can you justify sharing a story with others privately, if the author doesn't want you to?

A: Fan Fics are a form of art, and even an author's desire not to have a story read ever again must be of secondary concern to the right of civilization to preserve art for the enjoyment of this and future generations.

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